We know that having a root canal comes with many questions. These slide shows will cover a variety of endodontic questions for you. You may have had one quite a while ago and need a refresher about them or it may be your first time. No matter the case there is sure to be one to help you. If you still have questions or want more information after completing any of the presentations please feel free to call our office.

Do I Need a root canal?

You may be wondering why you need a root canal. Sometimes you may have questions such as why can’t I just get a filling or a crown instead of a root canal? Do I really need one? This slideshow will help you answer those questions and understand why it is important to have endodontic treatment.


Click Here: Do I Need A Root Canal?



We understand that dental procedures, such as a root canal, may seem complicated. Whether you have never had one and are not sure about the process or if you have had one done but want to know more; this slideshow will help answer your questions. 


Click Here: Root Canal Orientation


PREVIOUS Root Canals that are REINFECTED

As with all dental procedures, there is always a small chance that it will not be successful. This slide show will go over re-treating teeth that already have a root canal. It will talk about possibilities of why the root canal may not have been successful as well as how the re-treatment process works.


Click Here: Root Canal Re-Treatment Orientation


Root Canal Emergency Care

We understand that sometimes a tooth that needs a root canal can cause discomfort. Although rare, occasionally the pain may be so much that waiting to have a full root canal treatment might not be an option. It may be necessary to have a short procedure done to get you out of pain so you can be comfortable again. This slide show will go over this short procedure and help you understand how we can help you feel better faster.

Click Here: Root Canal Emergency Care